Our goal is to be the safest platform for authentic sneakers & streetwear in South Africa.

It is no secret that it is becoming more and more difficult to distinguish between an authentic product and an unauthentic product. There are hundreds of scams online and on social media and that is where we come in. By using our services, you are always guaranteed 100% authenticity.

We source products directly from the overseas brands and retailers. We also allow users to register as sellers and list their products in our app. In both cases, all products are legit checked digitally and then go through an in-hand verification process before the product is sent off to the buyer.

Our knowledgable team goes through hundreds of products and are part of the sneaker community for over a decade. Apart from the in-hand verification process, we make use of two machine learning & detection services to assist us with verifying the smaller details.

Buyers are able to request a proof of authenticity for a product before they complete a purchase for ease of mind. We also ship all orders with proof of authenticity.

In the rare event that an unauthentic product is not detected as such and the product is sent through to a buyer, we would arrange for the product to be collected from the buyer and a full and complete refund will be issued. The seller of the product would then also be completely banned and blacklisted from our app and platform.

We hope to make our marketplace as safe and trustworthy as possible.

This is a free service which we provide for all orders.

As mentioned, if in the rare case that an unauthentic item is detected, we will arrange for the product to be collected, the buyer will blocked and blacklisted from using our app/services and the buyer will receive a full refund.

We have various safeguards and precautionary measures in place to prevent and combat fraud and scams.

For example: In the event that a user purchases an authentic item from us and later claims that the item from the order was found to be unauthentic, after the user switched the original item with the unauthentic item. - We will be able to prove that the item which we shipped is not the same item that is being returned.

All orders are thoroughly documented during the verification process. These videos and photos are then stored in our system in the buyers order listing. This means that we will easily be able to identify fraud and take the necessary legal action once detected.