BMS is a marketplace app for exclusive sneakers and streetwear in South Africa. The first of it's kind in SA.

Buy My Sneaker is an exclusive sneaker & streetwear marketplace.

We source exclusive and limited products from overseas and make them available in SA. We also allow users to register as sellers and list their own products for sale.

Our app and marketplace is a completely safe & trustworthy platform for buyers and sellers.

Our own stock: This will operate just as a normal store would because the products are our own.
Once an order is placed, the stock will be available immediately for pick-up or delivery.

Seller/consignment stock: Trusted sellers will either send their products through to us so it can be shipped off quickly once sold or the products will be in their possession up until a sale is made. Once a sale is made, the seller would then ship their product to us for inspection, authentication and verification.

The seller is paid in full and product is then packaged and sent off to the customer.

EFT - Electronic Funds Transfer
Secure Credit Card Checkout

The default payment option is set as EFT/Bank Transfer, however, buyers can request to pay securely using bank credit cards. An email with a link to pay with a bank card will be sent through to the buyer in this case.

We strictly only deal with 100% authentic products.

All products go through an authentication & verification process before being sent off to the buyer to ensure that products are authentic.

Products are physically checked in-hand by our knowledgable team and we also make use of third-party authentication services as well.


Once a user places an order for an item, our system will automatically hide that specific item from the app and will reserve it for 3 hours only. If within this timeframe, the payment is not made or did not reflect, the system will automatically add that item back in the app and it will be available to all buyers again.

Please remember that if orders are placed without the intention of going through with it, this will result in a permanent ban.

Users can provide us with proof of payment and this will allow us to change the status of the order to, "Awaiting Reflection", which would then reserve the product for up to 3 days automatically.

This is the only way that products can be reserved.

Seller requests are reviewed weekly. If a week has past and your seller request has not been accepted yet, the following could be the case:

1. You entered incorrect information.
2. You have a second account.
3. Your name is part of a community list that has sold unauthentic products or flaked on a deal.
4. Your submission is missing some information.

You can enquire about your seller request status by sending a mail through to seller@buymysneaker.com

Once a product is posted on Instagram/Facebook, it is very likely that the item will get sold very quickly.

If a listing is not displaying in the app, this means that that the product is reserved for 3

Once a seller request has been accepted, sellers have a responsibility. Our system has built in automated checks which can detect misuse and will automatically suspend a sellers status if misuse is detected.

1. Submit only authentic products.
2. Make sure that products which are not available any longer are removed from the app.
3. Make sure that you respond to offers from buyers.
4. Only sneakers, streetwear and accessories related to sneaker culture must be submitted
5. No malicious activity must be carrie out

You can enquire about your seller request status by sending a mail through to seller@buymysneaker.com

We offer a door-to-door courier service and we charge a flat rate of R120 for this.

Buyers can also arrange to collect an order from our office or warehouse or we can assist with Postnet's services.

Most orders are delivered within 2 or 3 days after being sent off, however, like with all online businesses, we cannot control the exact duration as this would depend on the couriers service.

All sales are final.

Because we deal with independent owners for consignment, refunds and returns are not possible because once a sale is made, the seller gets paid and the transaction concludes. This is a standard for consignment businesses.

Please make sure that you are purchasing the correct product and the correct size beforehand to avoid disappointment. You may contact our team if you need any assistance.

We will only consider a refund or return if there was an error from our side such as the delivery of the wrong item.

We have very strict and very thorough authentication and verification processes before sending products off to buyers. However, in the very rare case that an unauthentic product is shipped, the product will be collected from the buyer at our expense and the buyer will be refunded in full. The seller will need to provide us with a refund and they will receive a permanent ban from using our services and app.