This Privacy Policy applies to all users of our websites which are used to access and purchase our products and services.

The purpose of this Privacy Policy is to set out how, why and when BUY MY SNEAKER uses your Personal Information so as to comply with the Protection of Personal Information Act 4 of 2013 (“POPI”).

It is very important for all users to first read through and understand all the information in this Privacy Policy, as well as the terms and conditions page here, before using our platforms.

We respect your privacy and take the protection of Personal Information very seriously. We strive to deliver excellent service every time you make use of our services, and to do this, we need to use some of your Personal Information. This Privacy Policy describes how we handle the Personal Information we collect about you and/or receive from you. By using our websites or mobile app, you agree to the processing of your Personal Information as set out in this Privacy Policy.


We strictly only request for any personal information when it is utterly necessary. This is why we have separated all the different instances whereby a user would have to provide some personal information to ensure that we only ask for what is needed to perform a specific function, with your permission, and nothing more.

Personal information submitted within our mobile app is never shared, never accessed without a specific and distinct purpose, and is not even available to staff members.


– When creating an account:

If a user chooses to create an account within the app, we only require the following basic information:

  • Full name
  • Contact no
  • Email address

We require this basic information to tie an account to the user. We ask for both the email address, and the contact number so that there are two avenues to recover an account should the user not be able to access or use one of them.

Once an account is created using this basic information, it is never accessed or used at all.


– When making a purchase:

When a buyer is purchasing an item and placing an order, it is an obvious requirement to request the personal and delivery information from the users.

This information is used to ship the product, and then it is never accessed again until necessary again.

As you can see, we were very conscious about privacy and how we collect information when developing this new mobile app.



We process the Personal Information we collect and receive to:

  • identify you;
  • verify your identity;
  • create a user account for you; and/or
  • enter into a contract with you.

As a registered user, we also process your Personal Information in order to:

  • fulfill our contractual obligations to you when you have ordered goods in order for us to deliver those goods and process returns.
  • provide you with information, products or services you request from us.
  • communicate with you regarding our websites and mobile app, and provide you with information, products or services, including billing, customer support, resolving complaints and quality control.
  • notify you about changes to our websites and mobile app, services and products, terms and conditions, privacy policy or notices, and any other changes that impact our websites and mobile app, services and products.
  • send you information about competitions, products or services that may interest you (unless you have opted out of receiving such information).
  • get feedback from you which we need to develop our products and services and grow our business.
  • comply with any legal or regulatory obligations such as tax or financial laws.
  • undertake research and statistical purposes. The research and statistics we get from this process do not include your Personal Information and cannot be linked to you, nor can you be identified from these statistics.


We keep your Personal Information for as long as:

  • we need it to provide our websites and mobile app, products or services to you.
  • it is required or allowed by law and is in line with our internal retention policies.
  • it is necessary to uphold the contract between you and us.
  • you have agreed to us keeping your Personal Information subject to your request for us to stop processing your Personal Information.

We will retain your Personal Information for as long as is necessary to achieve the purpose for which this information was collected or subsequently processed. If your Personal Information is used for more than one purpose, we will retain it until the purpose with the latest period expires but we will stop using it for the purpose with a shorter period once that period expires.

By accessing and using the Platform, you consent to us retaining records of your Personal Information for no longer than may be necessary to achieve the purpose for which the information was initially collected or subsequently processed.

If at any time you wish for us to completely remove all your information and account from our database and records, just get in touch with us and we will get it done.

This version of the Privacy Policy replaces any preceding privacy policy provisions on our website. We may occasionally update this Privacy Policy. When you use our Platforms the version of the Privacy Policy posted on this page applies to you.

If you have any questions or need any assistance, drop us a mail here –