Terms and Conditions


At BUY MY SNEAKER, we pride ourselves on offering exclusive, limited-edition sneakers. The inherent value of our products is deeply rooted in their authenticity, exclusivity, and immaculate condition. Given the unique challenges we face in ensuring product integrity and safeguarding against scams, we've established specific purchase terms to uphold the confidence our esteemed clientele places in us.

No Refunds or Returns Policy

Owing to the distinctive nature of our offerings:

  1. Authenticity and Condition Guarantee: Once a product is handed to a client, we cannot facilitate its return or refund. Once it leaves our premises, we cannot guarantee its authenticity or its "Deadstock - Brand New" status, which compromises its value.

  2. Fraud Prevention: The sneaker industry, unfortunately, is rife with counterfeits and scams. We have personally endured multiple instances of fraudulent return attempts, which involve non-original, worn, or counterfeit items. Such practices not only tarnish our reputation but also undermine the trust that other customers have in us.

  3. Historical Precedence: In the past, our leniency with returns has led us to incur substantial losses, amounting to hundreds of thousands of rands due to fraud and scams. For the sustainability of our business and the continued trust of our clients, we can no longer expose ourselves to such vulnerabilities.

  4. Product Exclusivity: The limited and exclusive nature of our sneakers implies that once sold, they are irreplaceable. Especially if the returned items are no longer in their original pristine condition.

Product Authenticity and Condition

All items featured on our online store are strictly 'Deadstock, Brand New, Unworn'. This indicates that each sneaker is in its original, untouched state directly from the manufacturer. The privilege of trying our sneakers is reserved for the final owner.

Awareness and Acceptance of Our Terms

We've made exhaustive efforts to ensure our customers are well-acquainted with our terms:

  1. A prominent message is showcased beside the product price on every product page, prompting users to acquaint themselves with our terms.
  2. These terms are reiterated within the product description on every page.
  3. Prior to finalising a purchase, every client must explicitly acknowledge and consent to our terms and conditions.
  4. Comprehensive information is available in the FAQ section of our website.

Customer Responsibility

It is imperative for buyers to be well-informed and understand the product that they are purchasing, the sizing, and our operational protocols. All necessary information is rendered in a transparent, straightforward manner on our platform. We strongly advise all patrons to peruse, comprehend, and accept our terms and conditions prior to confirming an order.